Quality loose leaf tea for the office

Whether it's a home office of a sole proprietor, or an office of 50 employees. Tea and coffee are an essential factor in making your workplace feel like home. The benefits of loose leaf tea are:


  • First of all the taste, because that is what it is all about. Loose leaf tea simply tastes better than bagged tea. Full stop.
  • Minimal waste. Unlike tea bags, which often contain plastic, our loose tea is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Tea is healthy and soothing. Making a cup of tea will help you unwind, with minimal caffeine.
  • Loose leaf tea is beautiful, from the colored fruit infusions, to the tarragon jasmin pearls that bloom in your glass. Loose leaf tea is not only very tasty but also beautiful to look at.

In short, if you want to surprise your employees and customers, choose a drink that meets the same quality standards as the company you represent.



But is that practical?

You might assume that loose tea is mostly more hassle than bagged tea. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of practical solutions to make brewing loose tea easy and quick. We think of: 

  • Practical storage boxes. Nice and easy.
  • Measuring spoons, to serve a perfect tea every time
  • Tea strainers or tea glasses with the sea already incorporated.
  • Tea jugs for colleagues who like to share or for meetings
  • Thermos to keep your water hot to make individual cups of tea quickly.
  • Beautiful and stylish kettles.

We have a solution for every situation.


We offer a starter package for companies, in which you simply choose how many customers or employees you have, and we deliver. There are two types of packages: if you already have bags, we have a package with a tea strainer per person. If you don't have bags yet (or would like new ones), we recommend the package with the Kinto bags, with which you can make a cup of tea in no time.