Chai tea

How do you make Masala Chai latte?

Now that the days are much shorter and the temperature has dropped significantly, it is ideal weather to learn how to make a nice and warm masala chai latte.

Chai is a delicious drink that we discovered in India. It is often drunk there in the morning and is simply made by boiling black tea in milk together with spices and plenty of sugar.

What does "Massala Chai" mean?


In many languages chai is actually just the word for tea. Masala is an herbal blend. So together Masala Chai forms the drink we know. Other names are also 'Chai Latte' or 'Chai Tea' (which translates as 'tea tea' 😉 ).

How do you make Masala Chai in the traditional way?


  • Black tea, best a black tea with a strong taste, like Assam.
  • Herbs, traditionally ginger and cardamon are used, but also these herbs are added in the box: cinnamon, star anise, cloves, pepper, nutmeg etc. Or use our black tea infusion with chai herbs: this is a loose tea in which the typical chai herbs are already mixed: Spicy chai or the green version: Green chai.
  • Milk
  • Sugar or any other kind of sweetener (tip: try condensed milk)

Method of preparation - Very simple: throw everything together, bring to the boil, pour through a sieve, serve warm!

Just a little rapper?

If you don't have a cooking fire at hand you can also just use our 'Spciy Chai Latte' mix: a delicious combination of black tea, spices and powdered vanilla. Just add your choice of hot milk and your Chai Latte is ready!


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Chai is a delicious drink based on tea, milk, herbs and sugar. The perfect warmer on cold days. Discover here how to make your own chai latte!