The ZERO JAPAN products are made of a fine, clean clay that is fired at 1200-1300°C to produce ceramics. The company is located in the Mino pottery region, where pottery and porcelain have been produced for about 1300 years.



As with any custom or ritual that has its roots in history, tea has its own do's and don'ts. Because tea is drunk all over the world there are a few specific rules. If you would like to be seen as a real lady or gentleman while drinking tea, it is better not to do the following things


DIY coffee scrub

To get a nice even tan this summer, exfoliation is definitely a must. It is very easy to make your own scrub and usually you already have all the ingredients! You can make scrubs with coffee or tea, here we make a salt scrub with coffee for the body. This coffee scrub is also ecologically responsible, because you use a residual product that would otherwise just be thrown away!READ MORE

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