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Types of tea explained
What's the difference between a tea and an infusion?

What's the difference between a tea and an infusion?

Do you want to know the difference between a tea and an infusion? Or where is the difference between green, white and black tea? Maybe you'd rather know what that delicious rooibos is made of? Discover here everything you want to know...

Types of tea explained
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    How can you store loose tea to keep it fresh and tasty for a long time? In this handy blog post you will discover simple tips to keep loose tea fresh and tasty for longer. Find out why your loose tea leaves become stale, how to protect them easily, what to avoid and the advantages of choosing the right storage box.....

  • How do you make bubble tea?

    You may have seen it in big cities: bubble tea has been a hype for a while now! The colorful drinks not only provide a fun experience in terms of taste, but also in terms of texture: because of the tapioca ball that is put in it. But did you know that you can also make this at home....

  • DIY Tea blends

    Tea is great for a relaxing moment. But maybe you can't find what you're looking for in our assortment? Or would you like something unique that you can unpack with and even give as a present? Why not make your own tea blend? This will make this relaxing moment also fun and interesting. You can make an assortment of tea blends that best suit your taste....